To date we have established a variety of on-going relationships through meaningful programs with the students, employees and members of countless schools, corporations and organizations. Individually, we have collaborated to create a compelling program for each partner, but collectively we are all working together towards achieving the same goal of a more inclusive society. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our diversity partners are saying:

“After two days of business planning we loosened our ties and traveled uptown to DMF... by volunteering in a music class all of our inhibitions and tensions flowed out and heart-warming spirit flowed in, as we engaged with the DMF classmates. After leaving we felt a stronger sense of community with DMF and also camaraderie as a team. We danced and sang all the way back to the office!”
— -Bank of America Merrill Lynch
“…Daniel’s Music is a place filled with love and equality. I think what they really value is the environment…which is a warm and sensitive center that invites everyone to take the chance to enjoy the happiness in life...To me Daniel’s story provided a broader meaning - life is full of surprises and you just need to live in the moment. His generosity and kindness opens up the possibility for people with disabilities.”
— The Juilliard School
“Thank YOU for hosting us yesterday. DMF is a very special place and every time I leave there I feel both impressed and happy. The girls all had fun and learned a lot from the presentation and classroom experience”
— The Junior League
“Thank you so much for welcoming Saint David’s to Daniel’s Music! The boys were so touched by the program, and thanks to you learned about difference, empathy, compassion and above all had a great time! Your intro was spectacular, oriented the boys, and really put them in the mindset of openness and acceptance”
— Saint David's School

 If you are interested in becoming a DMF Diversity Partner or learning more about the DMF Diversity Awareness Through Music Initiative, please contact Carla Sullivan at 212.289.8912 or  We look forward to hearing from you.