The Juilliard School

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our Diversity Partners and in some cases, the outcome manifests itself in a joint concert, as such, with the Juilliard School. After participating in an On-Site program, the Eva Quartet selected Daniel’s Music for their spring project in their Music and Community Service class. After a few months of working together the students learned 2 of Daniel’s original songs and arranged for a joint concert to be hosted at Juilliard. They also performed as a key note artist at a DMF Underground at our music center, as well as at our Annual Spring Benefit. We remain excited as we continue to work with the Juilliard School on an on-going basis with new students participating in our Diversity Awareness program every year. 

“We were indeed extremely moved and inspired by the spirit and energy of the Daniel’s Music family/community…It was a life-changing experience for me personally as well, and it touched my heart to work with Evelyn in the keyboard class…the joy on her face after class was food for my soul.”
— The Juilliard School

If you are interested in collaborating with us on a Joint Concert, please contact Carla Sullivan at or 212.289.8912. 

Power of Music Concert Series

The Power of Music Concert Series is a transformational experience of live performances that explores and celebrates the healing force of music. Presented by Daniel’s Music Foundation and One Vision Music this meaningful concert series is hosted monthly. Enjoy moving performances by Dina Fanai and Bob Kinkel, as well as the Co-Founder of Daniel’s Music Foundation, Daniel Trush with Music Director Gerard Powers, plus other special guests, as they share their own personal experiences of the transformative power of music. Each month look for new artists to participate in this important concert series with proceeds to benefit Daniel’s Music Foundation programs.

"Music is a sacred expression, a gift in which we can heal and connect more deeply within ourselves and each other. May we each experience and remember the truth of who we are and find magic and peace in connection to earth" - Dina Fanai

"Music is the one truly universal language that exists in the world today. It allows individuals of all abilities to participate and express themselves through a common voice. Our desire is to use the transformative and empowering force of music to build a bridge between our community and the general public" - Daniel's Music Foundation


If you are interested in participating in the Power of Music Concert Series contact Carla Sullivan at or visit to learn more. We look forward to seeing you there.