Management Team

Our management team has been intimately involved with the growth of DMF for a number of years, each in different capacities. Today they are responsible, for the day-to-day operations, our music programs and the long-term strategic development of the foundation in collaboration with the Trush Family and the Board of Directors:

Nadine McNeil - Program Director

Nadine operates both as the liaison for the participants of our music programs and the facilities manager for the foundation. She is responsible for class development and scheduling as well as placement. She ensures that all participants are placed in the proper classes in order to create the greatest opportunity for growth - both musically and socially. Nadine brings a very unique perspective to DMF in that not only is she the Program Director, but both she and her son participate in our programs!

Gerard Powers - artistic Director

Gerry is an instructor at DMF as well as the creative vision behind our programs and performances. From our music festivals and music celebrations at the end of each semester, to our National Anthem performances and everything in between, he ensures that our members always deliver a show to remember! Prior to DMF, Gerry was a professional opera singer who traveled the world performing in some of the most well known opera houses.

Carla Sullivan - Marketing & Diversity Awareness Director

In collaboration with the Board of Directors, the management team and the Trush Family, Carla is responsible for the strategic development of the programs that help create awareness and raise funds ultimately allowing DMF to serve more individuals. She also spearheads the DMF Diversity Awareness Through Music Initiative, a free volunteer program for groups that uses music to build a bridge between the community we serve and the general public. Carla has played a key role in the evolution of the organization in her prior roles as both VP of Advertising Services of our marketing agency EastWest Marketing Group, and serving on the Board of Directors for 3 years. Her passion and energy for DMF is contagious.


Our paid instructors are music therapists, special education teachers (with a proficiency in music) and musicians who all have a great deal of experience. Although they come from varied musical backgrounds, the one constant is their passion for our community. They each have a unique approach, but their dedication, patience, knowledge, and enthusiasm is consistently applied to every program. The emphasis is always on getting the most out of each individual’s talents in a fun, social, and creative environment.